Changing the meaning of word. Imperfection into Perfection.

Are you getting better at getting better?

Ask many High School or College Pitchers why they are doing a certain workout or drill.

You’ll be surprised by the answer.

Coach told me to.  Makes me throw harder.  To get my arm in shape.

Now are you starting to see why practice is ruining pitchers?

Every practice has to be focused on getting better at getting better!

95% of pitchers have no idea why they’re practicing the way they are.

Teaching pitching has come such a game of mindless drills and time killing routines.

Then we are shocked when in the heat of battle these same pitchers make mental mistakes and lose focus.

Parents and Coaches spend thousands of hours trying and millions of dollars a year buying the latest strategy, trick, tactic and scientifically proven results driven velocity programs.

And yet if you ask them how to use or implement any of the information they tried or bought they just look at you with a blank stare.

Please don’t buy stuff just because the next world-changing guru tells you to.

Every great Major League Pitcher has their own practice/training system.

Their personal practice system has Preseason plans, In Season plans and Off Season plans.

Each plan has a step by step explanation answering the following…

  • What they’re going to do or learn
  • Why they’re doing it
  • How to do it right
  • What’s next

Everything you do should be part of your personal pitching system.

If a pitcher doesn’t understand how practice is making them better they’re just wasting their time.

So let’s recap.

  1. Every practice should be focused on getting better at getting better
  2. Every pitcher needs their own personalized system, with plans and step by step explanations
  3. Every pitcher needs to know, What they’re doing, Why they’re doing it, How to do it and What’s next.

Pitchers must be able to Think, Feel and Execute great pitches in Big Games.

That only comes after they learn how to get better at getting better.

Think about it?

P.S. It’s Your Pitching Career, You’re Free To Choose Greatness.

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