Opening Day is  here.  Are you fired up yet?

I received a great email question about setting up your starting rotation’s throwing schedule or plan.

This is what I recommend to my pitchers and coaches.

All throwing sessions should start with a 5 mins of light jogging and a Dynamic/ Static Stretching Warm Up Routine.

Game Day : Starters : this is my game day throwing routine

Pre Game Flat Ground Warm Up
50 feet – 3 throws
60 feet – 3 throws
70 feet – 3 throws
80  feet  – 3 throws
90 feet – 3 throws
100 feet – 3 throws
110/120 feet – 3 throws
100 feet – 3 throws
90 feet- 3 throws
80 feet- 3 throws
70 feet- 3 throws
60 feet- 3 throws

Bullpen / Pitching Mound  (35-40 pitches)

First 13 from stretch at about 60% working on mechanics and feel
5- Fastballs alternating both sides of plate
5-Change Ups alternating both sides of plate
3 Curves for strikes

Next 10 pitches from wind up @ 75 % working the strike zone and finding feel
Fastball,Ch,FB,Ch, FB, Curve,Fb,Curve,Ch, and Fastball.

The Last 12-17 pitches at Game speed.
Pitch the 1st inning of a game.  Either a Strike out or walk.  Focusing on 1st pitch strikes and location.

Day 1 after Starting– Light Catch 10 minutes at 50 -60 feet.

Day 2 – 10 to 15 minute bullpen at about 60 to 70 % to work on feel and mechanics or if no mound available Long Toss Program 18 minutes. Max 120 feet. (in Pre season program)

Day 3– The Game day Bullpen warm up above. The pitches should be based on what each pitcher throws.  Above is just an example. Try to make this bullpen session as game like as possible.  If you do you will find that their focus is better when it comes to game day.  Plus they will start to trust their preparation and you will be able to make mechanical adjustments as needed if they are throwing some game speed pitches.

Day 4- Light Catch 10-15 minutes 50-75 ft. to stay loose.

Day 5- Start Again

Repeat as the schedule dictates.

Relievers should throw based on their use.  Their rest should be based on pitches thrown.  If a reliever isn’t going to pitch this week I use the starter throwing program to keep them fresh.  Long Relievers will need more rest than short relievers obviously.  Their use should be based on how they feel and what kind of shape they are in.

Role and Rotation will determine throwing and bullpen sessions after the games begin.

Once you have your rotation set you can adjust the days accordingly.  I like to throw everyday but Sunday, unless they are pitching on a Tuesday, then I might sneak in a bullpen session with the Tuesday starter.

Some pitchers will want to throw more and some less.  You will have to find what works best for them and make the adjustments that fits them best.

High School Coaches what are you doing?

I would love your feedback on what you do to prepare your starting pitchers.



  • Jon Quayle July 16, 2013 at 11:28 am

    Great information.

    • Darrell Coulter July 16, 2013 at 12:10 pm


      Thanks. Hope it helps.

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