It’s Official.

I have lost my mind.

After 20+ years of coaching pitchers I am going to dedicate the rest of my life to teaching High School Pitchers how to pitch.

It absolutely breaks my heart every time I hear of another pitcher under the age of 15 having Tommy John Surgery.

It’s time every High School Coach learns how to teach…

  • The proper mechanics of throwing a baseball
  • Arm Healthy strength and conditioning workouts
  • The truth about long toss and its long term effects on the arm
  • How to mentally focus and execute a pitching game plan
  • How to physically prepare to pitch
  • How to prepare a  pre-game routine
  • How to prepare a pre-pitch and post pitch routine
  • How to do a post game pitching evaluation
  • How to prepare a scouting report
  • How to prepare a pitching plan
  • How to prepare a bullpen throwing sessions
  • How to chart pitches
  • How to define roles and rotations

This is just a small list of responsibilities that falls on every coach.

I know it can be overwhelming.

But, we have to check our egos and accept the fact that by us not teaching the proper way to throw a baseball we are responsible for a lot of these arm injuries.

We have to accept the fact that these young pitchers are going to do what we ask them to do and we are responsible for helping them take care of themselves and their arm.

We have to accept the fact that no game EVER is worth taking the chance on hurting one of these young pitcher’s arms.

With all of the garbage that is being taught out in the pitching world today it is amazing that there isn’t more injuries than there are.

Yet we all have the unique opportunity to stop the insanity NOW.

With the advances of video there is no excuse for coaches today to still be teaching the mechanics that is ruining these young pitchers arms.

Study after study has proven that the lower half of the body provides about 80% of pitching velocity.

It’s not the other way around.  The arm does NOT provide 80% of pitching velocity.  

So if you are teaching the old balance and throw pitching mechanics you are responsible for a lot of these injuries.

QUIT NOW, Yes that is me hollering, you are killing these kid’s arms and don’t even know it.

Brent Pourciau of Top and 3X Pitching Fame was one these young pitchers.

He has dedicated the last 10+ years to researching and developing a pitching mechanics program that would turn Old School Pitching fallacies on their head.

Check Out some of the research and evidence he has presented.  Then come back and tell me who is right.

 ASMI vs. Alan Jaeger

Alan Jaeger vs. Top

It’s time we take an honest look at what is causing all these arm injuries.

Together we can tackle this problem and develop a whole new generation of Powerful, Arm Healthy High School Pitchers.


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