3 Types of Pitching Personalities (Mental Makeups)…

that Pro Scouts see when scouting pitchers.

“The Leader”

Traits Pro Scouts like about The Leader Pitcher:

  • Confident
  • Desire to win
  • Competitive
  • No excuses
  • Never quit or give up

Traits Pro Scouts are afraid of in The Leader Pitcher:

  • Thinks everyone should be like them
  • Not coach-able or can’t take constructive criticism
  • Fixed Mindset, they know everything already
  • Everything has to be their way
  • Arrogance

Leaders are the personality type the Pro Scouts look for the most.

When you have a Leader personality in combination with some of the traits of the Perfectionist personality you become exactly what the Pro Scouts want.

“The Perfectionist”

Traits Pro Scouts Like about The Perfectionist Pitcher:

  • Analytical
  • Love to learn
  • Focused practice habits
  • Always trying to get better
  • Coach-able
  • Over prepare

Traits Pro Scouts are afraid of in The Perfectionist Pitcher:

  • Lack of competitiveness
  • Too mechanical or robotic
  • Over thinking
  • Don’t make quick adjustments

Pro Scouts love “Perfectionists” that can make confident adjustments.

When combined with the “Leader” traits they make for the perfect pitching personality.

The Scouts will always lean towards a Leader personality first, but the perfectionist will always get their attention because of the work ethic and desire to get better.

“The Natural”

Traits Pro Scouts Like about The Natural Pitcher:

  • Great physical motor skills
  • Physical talents that can’t be bought
  • Makes pitching look easy
  • Athletic ability
  • Looks like a pitcher

Traits Pro Scouts are afraid of in The Natural Pitcher:

  • Competitiveness
  • Mental toughness
  • Desire and dedication
  • How they handle adversity
  • Are they Coach-able
  • Arrogance or cockiness

The Natural is the most exciting and at the same time the most frustrating pitching personality.

The natural makes it easy to see the physical skills and talents, but burns many of the Pro Scouts because it’s hard to assess their mental makeup and their ability to adjust to pitching against better competition.

The perfect pitcher personality would have the Natural’s physical talent, with a Leader’s competitiveness and the Perfectionist’s mindset to learn, prepare and practice. 

Physical talent alone will NOT get you to the Major Leagues.

If you don’t have the mental makeup and personality to handle the pressure you will never make it.

Do you have a Professional Pitcher’s Personality?