Do You?

We have talked about the Talent and Pitches it takes to pitch in college and/or Professional baseball.

So that covers the physical aspects of getting noticed by College Coaches and Pro Scouts.

Now I want to share with you the secret to standing out to Coaches and Scouts.

The 100 Mph Mindset.

What is the 100 Mph Mindset?

The 100 mph Mindset is the deep Emotional and Mental understanding of what it takes Physically to reach Your Max Velocity and Your Max Potential.

It is the intangibles that you hear Coaches and Scouts talk about all the time but can’t really explain what they are.

Your Mindset is the hardest aspect of pitching for Coaches and Scouts to evaluate.

With the little bit of time that Coaches and Scouts have to assess and evaluate you they have a hard time getting a real feel about how each pitcher handles the emotional and mental sides of pitching.

Here are the 5 C ‘s that make up the 100 Mph Mindset.

  • Commitment.  Every thing you do starts here.  If you are committed emotionally, mentally and physically you will stand out.
  • Consistency.  Are you consistent in your Preparation, Practice and Pitching?
  • Competitiveness.  How do you compete against competition that is as good or better than you?
  • Confidence.  Faith in your Preparation + Trust in your Practice = Confidence in your Pitching.
  • Character.  What kind person, teammate and leader are you?

If you master those key intangibles you will get noticed by College Coaches and Pro Scouts.

The real secret to Major League Pitchers is Talent, Pitches and their Mindset.

Without all 3 it is nearly impossible for you to Emotionally, Mentally or Physically succeed at the highest levels of baseball.

The good news is that almost every College and Major League Pitcher started right where you are now.

So there is time…

But the time to start is now.

Ask yourself these 5 questions.

  1. What’s the highest level you want to pitch at?
  2. What’s your biggest challenge to reaching that level?
  3. What do you need to do to overcome that challenge?
  4. How will it make you feel when you overcome that challenge?
  5. How will it make you feel when you dominate at that level?

Are you willing to do what it takes?

Are you…





and have Character?

The time has come to stop wishing and start doing.

Will You?

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