Meet the challenges

Every pitcher I meet tells me they want to be a great pitcher, but do they really?

It takes guts to be different.

It takes guts to keep working when everyone else has quit.

It takes guts to know that it is not what you know that makes you great, it’s what you are willing to learn.

What are you willing to do to be great?

Do you work on your mechanics daily?

Do you work on your pitches daily?

Do you have a dedicated strength and conditioning program?

Do you listen more than you talk?

All of these questions are at the core of your motivation.

There is 7 Core Traits of Great Pitchers.

  1. Motivation.  Without it you will go no where.
  2. Trust.  Do you trust your talent?  Do you trust your coaches and teammates?  You get the point.
  3. Character.  Do you have it?
  4. Attitude.  What does it say about you?
  5. Aggressiveness.  It is the heart and soul of pitching.
  6. Mental Toughness.  Poise, Composure and Competitiveness.
  7. Expectations.  Set your goals high.  You will never become great without accountability and high expectations.

It takes guts to be great.

Every great pitcher I know has guts.



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