The secret to pitching with supreme confidence is having an Emotional and Mental Mindset Strategy.

Average pitchers rely on a blind hope, wishful thinking and a wild guess strategy.

Elite Pitchers rely on their personal pitching belief system built on their faith, trust and confidence in their preparation and practice habits.

  • Adam Wainwright has his own
  • Clayton Kershaw has his own
  • Even Justin Verlander has his own pitching belief system

Their faith and trust in their emotional and mental preparation and physical practice habits give them the confidence to pitch under extreme stress and pressure in the biggest games.

It’s not luck, blind hope or wishful thinking…

It’s their energy, effort and execution that make them special.

You can be special to.

If you master all three key aspects of pitching…

The emotional, mental and physical you can pitch with supreme confidence too.

Wainwright, Kershaw and Verlander started where you are right now.

They had fears, doubts and suffered from a lack of confidence.

They battled through setbacks, injuries and failures.

And so can you.

You can develop your own pitching belief system:

Your Faith + Your Trust = Your Confidence.

Your Preparation + Your Practice Habits = Your Pitching Success

How much faith and trust you have in yourself will determine how much confidence you pitch with.

Elite pitchers understand how important the emotional and mental side of pitching is. 

Your mindset is the one unique trait that can separate you from every pitcher in the eyes of college coaches and pro scouts.

Nobody thinks, feels or acts like you do.  You are one-of-a-kind.

There are a lot of great athletes with physical pitching skills but they are emotional and mental train wrecks.

They only want to pitch against the weak teams where they can rely solely on their natural ability.

The problem is everyone taps out their natural ability at some point, usually between 12 to 17 years old.

Once the natural maxes out their natural ability what are they going to do?

Once all the other pitchers start to catch up with them physically what are they going to do?

Sadly, most of the time the natural just quits.

The natural can’t take the emotional or mental stress of not being the best anymore.

The natural don’t know how to prepare or practice; it has always come easy to them.

The natural don’t have the emotional or mental confidence to believe in themselves?

The natural doesn’t make it to the Major Leagues.

It takes emotional, mental and physical toughness to pitch in Professional Baseball.

No pitcher accidentally makes it to the Big Leagues.

It took years of preparation, practice, pitching, failing, learning, growing, setbacks and even a little bit of luck to make it to the Major Leagues.

But they never gave up.

Their desire and determination wouldn’t let them quit even when they felt like it.

That competitive adrenal rush that only comes from playing against the best players in the world is an unbelievable motivator.

That is truly why most Major Leaguers play.  It’s powerfully addictive.

What about you?

Why do you play?

Are you addicted to competition?

Do you have an emotional and mental mindset strategy?

Wainwright does… Kershaw does… Verlander does…

Do you?

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