Emptily Nested

Are you being shaped by a Cookie Cutter Pitching Coach?

You know the coaches that have been there and done that.

The coaches that can’t explain why it works, they just tell you that is just the way it is.

Questions You need to ask before YOU pay any Pitching Coach.

  1. What is their pitching philosophy?
  2. Do they have a plan for you?
  3. What is their strength and conditioning workout program for you?
  4. Are they teaching everyone the same thing?
  5. Are they teaching you what they did?

Have you noticed that you haven’t asked them what their resume is?

If they can’t explain what their pitching philosophy is, then they don’t know what they are talking about.

If they don’t have a plan for you, your body and your mind then more than likely they are teaching you what they did.

It might not be what you need.  Every pitcher I know is a little different.

They ought to be creating a program geared around your talents and sound Power Producing Pitching Mechanics.

You should be getting a complete strength and conditioning program.  Pre-season, In-season, and Post season

You Need a Total Pitching Program

  • Total Body Strength and Condition Training Program.
  • Pitching Mechanics from the Ground Up.  From Your feet to Your fingertips.
  • Mental Side of Pitching Program
  • Nutrition Program for you.
  • Next Level Pitching Plan. (College and Pro)

If you start here I think you will already be three steps ahead.

There is a TON of junk out there.

Don’t Let the Hype and Sales Pitch suck you in.

Any credible pitching coach will be more than happy to explain and answer any questions you may have.

It’s Your Pitching Career.  Don’t Leave it to Chance.


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