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Yes Character Counts…

  • To Parents
  • To Coaches
  • To Scouts
  • To Teachers
  • To Teammates
  • To Umpires
  • To Fans

It’s not just how you act, it’s who you are.

Decisions are made everyday on character alone.

When College Coaches give out Scholarships, Your Character is at the top of their priority list.

There have been a ton of great baseball players that have never gotten a professional chance because of their character and off the field problems.

How many athletes have you read about that have ruined their careers over serious character flaws.

You will most likely only have one opportunity in baseball.  The window for a baseball career closes quickly and waits for no one.

You don’t need a lecture on the virtue of character, but know this.

Your character defines who you really are.

Are you Trustworthy?

Are You a Good Teammate and Friend?

Can Your Coach Count on YOU?

Would You Cheat to Win?

If You have to cheat to win then your character is already defined, you are a LOSER.

There is no short cut to success.  Success should be hard.

The reward of winning the right way can never be taken away.

The celebration of championships will be genuine.

Nobody will ever be able to take that away from You, Your Teammates or Your Coaches.

Yes Character Counts.  Don’t Lie to Yourself.

Whats Does Your Character say about YOU?


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