Bullpen Sessions

What it takes to throw highly focused bullpen sessions. Importance of bullpens

How Pitchers Can Overcome Their Fear of Failure

Every pitcher I have worked with has had some hidden fear of failure. I know I sure did when I was that age. Fear of failure comes in a lot of different forms. It usually starts when the pitcher perceives they have a Lack of Something. Lack of Talent, Lack of Strength, Lack of Velocity, […]


Quit Doing Useless Pitching Drills NOW!

Please I Beg You, Quit Doing Pitching Drills Right Now. Until you can tell me exactly how that drill is making you a better pitcher, quit doing it. Almost every pitcher I talk to can’t explain why they do certain drills or how it is supposed to help them become a better pitcher. If the […]


How To Throw Focused Bullpens

Wishful Thinking is not a Pitching Strategy. But unfortunately for most pitchers this is exactly their game plan. In this article I am going to give you 3 reasons why coaches should chart every pitcher’s bullpens. 1.  Competitive Bullpens If you want to replicate game like situations then you must try to make every bullpen […]


Throwing Drills Don’t Always Translate to Pitching Skills

What pitching drills should I be doing? Answer:  If the drill does NOT specifically help with a pitching skill you are wasting your time. Pitching is a fine motor skill that takes total body coordination to accomplish. That means it starts with your feet and ends at your finger tips at pitch release and follow […]


What Makes a Good Pitcher…A Great Pitcher

Bad Pitching is all too familiar. A control problem leads to lost confidence, which leads to more walks. Poor pitch command leads your coach to use other pitchers, which of course leads to more pressure to perform, which continues the problem. Then your coach freaks out because he’s stressed about your pitching abilities. This lack […]