Man on the Mound

No real pitcher gets pleasure out of 2nd Place.

Your goals and your future desires are yours to achieve.

You’re the master of your pitching career.

So, if I set you on a pitcher’s mound, with just a baseball and a glove, could you see yourself pitching in the Major Leagues?

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO PITCH in the Major Leagues?

I believe the hardest hurdle to get over is belief.

You have to believe that you’re an elite pitcher.

You have to believe that all the hard work you have put in over the years has prepared you for this moment.

None of that comes easy, especially if you’ve been told otherwise.

Then, you have to actually do the work to become the pitcher you can see in your mind..

You need an Action Plan to reach those goals that it will require for you to succeed.

BUT Believing in Yourself is REALLY JUST THE BEGINNING

Have you met people who dream big but never leave the couch? I sure have.

There are lots of pitchers who could strike out Albert Pujols.

But really, there are Pitchers and there are Fans, Which Are You?

Do You want to be on the field or in the stands?

Hey, Do something to be great this off-season.


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