All College Coaches and MLB Managers care about is G.H.O.

What is G.H.O.?

Can you consistently Get Hitters Out?

They really don’t care how you do it, only if you can do it consistently.

The multi-billion dollar business of College and Professional baseball needs you to consistently G.H.O.

The problem is most pitchers, parents, coaches and instructors focus only on the physical skills, (what I call the beauty contest) and never learn how to pitch to great hitters on a consistent basis.

So a lot of pitchers become great athletes and some even throw really, really hard.

But unfortunately in the real world of baseball where you have to get real hitters out in a real game the beauty contest winners rarely consistently G.H.O.

I don’t care how hard you throw.

I don’t care how many pitches you throw?

I don’t care if you can run a marathon or win a 100 yard dash race.

If you can’t pitch, I mean consistently Get Hitters Out, It don’t matter!

Does it help to be a great athlete?  Yes.

Does it help to have good pitching mechanics?  Yes.

Does it help to have been trained by good coaches?  Yes.

So what does it take to Consistently Get Hitters Out?

  1. Know who you are as a pitcher.  Most amateur pitchers fail because they don’t pitch to their strengths.  Every pitcher is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses.  You can only throw pitches you trust in a real game.  What pitch will you throw with the game on the line?
  2. Know who you are as a competitor.  Some pitchers can turn on and off the competitive fire it takes to pitch under pressure.  Other pitchers need to prepare, plan and then pitch.  Which are you?  Great relievers and closers can turn it on at the drop of the hat.  A lot of starting pitchers need to go through their whole 5 day routine to feel prepared to pitch.
  3. Never stop learning and growing as a pitcher.  Take every opportunity to learn and grow. Be specific and intentional with every pitch you throw and with every workout you do.   Most young pitchers just go through the motions of their bullpens and their workouts and then wonder why they never get any better.  The bullpen must become your pitching laboratory and you must be testing, tracking and tweaking your pitches as needed.

Think about it, there are no robots pitching in the Major Leagues.

If you’re serious about taking your pitching skills to the next level in 2015…

Focus this whole season on consistently Getting Great Hitters Out.

I promise your coach will love you for it.


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