Why do pitchers reach a certain point and then not get any better?


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Almost every pitcher training aid and pitcher training program taught or sold focuses on the basic fundamentals of pitching.

So naturally the young athletes with the most natural, physical ability seem to be more inclined to becoming a pitcher.

I get it, it wins a lot of games for youth coaches.

It also sells.  The internet has every possible pitcher training program known to mankind at your finger tips.

It has sparked some huge debates about pitching, arm injuries and everything in between.

Some amusing, some absurd and some that make you think.

That’s the point I want to address today. 

What’s next? How to become an elite pitcher.

Learning Pitching fundamentals was never meant to be the end game.

Learning the fundamentals sets a baseline or builds a foundation on which you can continue to learn and grow as a pitcher.

The more expectations, energy, effort and experience you put into it, the better you will get.

But somewhere in the mist of all this brilliant pitching information we have lost touch with the reality of what it takes to be an elite pitcher at any level.

Just as learning the alphabet won’t make you a best-selling author.  Learning pitching fundamentals will NOT make you a Major League pitcher.

The author must take those letters and shape them into a journey of their personal thoughts.  The author must move the past the fundamentals of the alphabet and turn the words into a masterpiece.

Pitching is no different, you must learn basic pitching fundamentals.

Pitching mechanics, pitch grips, arm care, pitcher specific strength training etc.

But it’s not until a pitcher can take those fundamentals and add in their own expectations, energy, effort and experience that they’ll ever become an elite pitcher.

Every pitcher has to take their own path to pitching greatness and success.

Their advanced mental, emotional and physical pitching skill development will decide how long their personal journey will last and where it will end up.

There are so many external factors that are beyond a pitcher’s control that can impact their pitching career.

And they can’t worry about that.

But if any pitcher is going to move beyond the limits of their physical abilities they must take their physical fundamentals skills and develop the mental and emotional pitching skills that will give them the confidence to handle the pressure and stress of competing at the highest levels of baseball.

Fundamentals are important, but they will NOT give you an advantage at the elite levels of pitching.

The best College and especially Major League pitchers have developed their own pitching philosophy.

They’ve moved Beyond the Pitching Fundamentals and created their own mental, emotional and physical pitching plan for success.

If you’re serious about pitching at the next level…

You too will have to move Beyond the Fundamentals and develop you own Unique Personal Pitching Plan.

I guarantee you that’s the hidden secret of Millionaire Major League Pitchers.


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