(This the 2nd of a 5 part series on the major causes pitching arm injuries.)

Lack of Strength and Conditioning

This actually goes hand in hand with having poor mechanics especially with young pitchers.

If you believe Tom House ( maybe the best pitching coach in the World) and the NPA, research and study has shown that 80% of pitching velocity comes from the rotational force in your body.  Which is made up of the hips, shoulders and core trunk rotation.

Yes 80%.

The other 20% is the linear movement starting at leg lift and generating momentum towards or down the target line (Home Plate).

So the million dollar question is what muscle groups make up the force that is takes to generate pitching velocity?

And how do we actively get all these forces to work together to create our on personal pitching mechanics.

Targeted Pitching Workouts.

I believe if you are going to achieve maximum velocity and arm health then you are going to have to break down your training into the different parts of the year and the baseball season.

The pitchers I work with focus on 365 day seasonal breakdown that determines what strength and conditioning training we are targeting for that particular season.

  1. Pre-season
  2. In season
  3. Off season

Pre-Season.  In Missouri High Schools in 2012 the first day of practice starts the week of the 27 th of February.  My preseason throwing program starts 8 weeks before the first day of practice.  The 8 weeks before practice starts we are throwing and still doing targeted strength workouts after we throw.

In Season.  The Missouri High School season starts in late March and run through the state championships usually in early June.  Most of the throwing is based on your role and rotation.  The strength and conditioning to set up to maintain off-season and preseason strength and conditioning gains you have already achieved.

Off Season.  This the time after your High School season and summer ball seasons have concluded.  I believe there should be at least a 2 to 3 month layoff from any throwing in the off-season that every pitcher should take to let their arm full recover from a full season of throwing.  I try to target September through December for rest of your arm. But this is also the best time of the year to do hardcore targeted pitching workouts.

I believe this where pitchers are made.  Your ability to add strength and speed which is power in the off-season, will be the safest and most efficient way to add velocity to your fastball and develop arm healthy mechanics.

It’s not to late.  We are 76 days and counting to the first day of practice.  Get started today.

Together we can all work together to help prevent pitching arm injuries.

If you are a Pitcher or High School Coach looking for an preseason throwing program for Missouri High School Baseball Season.

Use the Contact DC form if you are a current subscriber or sign up here to receive it in your subscription confirmation email.  I will send you a 8 week throwing program that starts in the 1st week of January.  It’s the one I use with my pitchers.

The off season strength and conditioning program we use is the 3X Pitching Program.

Every Missouri High School Pitcher needs to be throwing at least 6 weeks before the first day of practice.

Are You Ready?


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