In 2014 coaching is not the reason your son can’t pitch.

There is so much information available on the internet from some great coaches that there isn’t any reason for pitchers and parents not to educate themselves on what it takes to learn how to pitch.

4 Key “E’s” to Learning How to Pitch.

  1. Education.  Are you willing to take the time to learn what you need to do become an elite pitcher?  There are no natural-born pitchers in the Major Leagues.  Every pitcher in College and Professional Baseball took the time to learn what they needed pitch at an elite level.
  2. Energy.  You have to eat right, get plenty of rest and emotionally, mentally and physically take care of yourself.
  3. Effort.  Practice, Practice and More Practice.  There are no overnight successes in the Major Leagues.  It took years of focused practice and training.  That alone is why most pitchers don’t make it.
  4. Execution.  Now you have to take all the education, energy and effort and perform under extreme pressure in a real game.  For great pitchers that is the fun part.  Plus, College Coaches and Pro Scouts love big game pitchers.

Where do you stand on the 4 E’s?

Really it’s the fifth “E” that is root of most pitchers problems…


If you’re tired of making excuses here is the questions every pitcher must honestly answer.

How deep is my desire to be a great pitcher?

No coach or parent on earth can give a young pitcher the desire to be great.

They have to decide that on their own.

Each pitcher has to honestly answer these 5 questions.

  1. What’s the highest level I want to pitch at?
  2. What will be my biggest challenge to pitching at that level?
  3. What will it take for me to overcome that challenge?
  4. How will it make me feel to overcome that challenge?
  5. How will it make me feel to dominate at that level?

Every pitcher has to emotionally and mentally have the desire to physically reach their Max Potential.

When you have the desire and determination the sky truly is the limit.

It’s not the coach’s or the parent’s fault if the pitcher doesn’t have the desire to be great.

That’s a personal decision made by every young pitcher and his alone.

So the Million Dollar question is…

Do you/they have the desire to be a great pitcher?

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