No.1 Problem with most pitchers?

Practicing the wrong things the wrong way.

There is only so much information that you can try to implement at one time.

There are some great skill (not pitching) instructors that can teach you

  • pitching mechanics
  • how to develop a strength and conditioning program
  • show you how to do arm care workouts
  • give you the latest, greatest long toss program

All of that is kind of important, but it doesn’t make you a pitcher.

They are skill sets that make up part of what it takes to become a pitcher, but they don’t make you a pitcher.

To become an elite pitcher you must throw specific, intentional bullpens and chart and track every pitch.

Your brain needs to believe your mind, but it don’t yet.

Your body wants to believe your mind, but you lie to it all the time.

Everything you do has either a positive or negative impact on your ability to become an elite pitcher.

There are no neutral workouts, bullpens, throwing programs etc


Pitch Command in a real game under extreme pressure.

And that only comes from laser focused pitching practice.

Your brain needs positive reinforcement from your mind and body so it can relax and let you pitch under extreme pressure.

Most pitchers suck because their brain doesn’t believe the lies their mind is telling it.

If you’re just going through the motions your subconscious brain knows it.

That’s why it don’t believe what you tell it.

That’s why positive affirmations don’t work 99% of the time.

You can’t lie to your brain.

God made it to protect you from your own dangerous thoughts and actions.

And to react to anything that could cause you harm.

That’s why practicing the wrong things the wrong way ruins most pitchers.

Only when your brain finally believes that your mind and body has done everything it can to prepare to be a Big Game pitcher…

Will you become a Big Game Pitcher.

Can’t fake it until you make it in pitching.

Practicing smarter will always brings better results than just practicing harder and longer.

Stop and think it about.  It’s time to change the way we throw bullpens.

Specific, Intentional, Progress Tracking Bullpens is the key to your long-term pitching success.

And when you’re done, your brain starts to believe in you.


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