Lack of Confidence might be the biggest reason pitchers struggle.

There are so many variables that play into a pitchers confidence that a lot of times Coaches and Parents don’t even realize when they are ruining a young pitchers confidence.

Many pitchers will never say anything because they don’t want to make the coach or the parents mad.

So here is what the pitchers would tell you if you wouldn’t get mad.

Top 3 Confidence Killers in Young Pitchers.

1.  Coaches and Parents EGO.

I know I have been there both as a Coach and a Parent.

Ego has a simple definition; It means “I”.

If how well your pitchers or son pitches defines you as a person or has a deep personal emotional impact on your life then it’s more about YOU then your pitchers or son.

Every pitcher and son wants to believe that you care more about them as a person then you do as a pitcher.

If your pitchers or son is even slightly confused or wonders about that then they will never reach their Max Potential or Pitch Confidently.

2.  Constant Comparison.

Why can’t you be more like __________?

That is the absolute worst question or comment in the world for a young pitchers confidence.

Let me ask you that.

Why can’t you coach like Dave Duncan?

Why can’t you be like Johnny’s dad, he is a great dad?

How would you feel if your pitchers or son asked you that?

You would be mad, hurt and frustrated.  After you calmed down you would probably even start to question yourself as a coach and a parent.

Comparison is the reason peer pressure is such a huge problem in society today.

Every pitcher has different athletic ability, pitching skills and mindset.

If you are constantly comparing pitchers or your son to pitchers better than them it is not motivating them, It’s Killing their Confidence.

3.  Lack of Trust

If the pitcher doesn’t their trust coach, their parents and especially themselves they will never pitch with confidence.

Trust comes from having great preparation routines and practice habits.

When you teach someone how to do something it takes away the pressure.

When you teach a young pitcher what it takes to get better it builds trust in themselves.

That’s why all these crazy drills and jacked up pitching philosophies are ruining pitching.

Want to know the truth, very few pitchers believe that a drill will make them a better pitcher, they are not that dumb.

If as a coach you are having every pitcher do the same thing you are killing their confidence.

And they will rarely say anything because most pitchers won’t question the coach or the parent because of the consequences.

No two pitchers are the same.

Each one needs their own preparation and practice routines built around what they need to practice to get better.

If you want your pitchers to throw with confidence give them their own personal practice plan based around their needs.

Only then will they take ownership and trust themselves.

Let’s Recap the reasons for Pitcher’s Lack of Confidence.

  1. Coaches and Parents Ego.
  2. Constant Unfair Comparisons
  3. Lack of Trust in Coach, Parent or Themselves.

Hey you are not alone.  I have personally been guilty of all the above.

But I had to change and it isn’t always easy when you are crazy competitive.

If I was going to be a great coach then I needed to take the time to get to know my pitchers as people first.

After I get to know them and their personality I can put together a plan for them to reach their Max Potential as a pitcher and a person.

That’s what makes being a coach and a parent so rewarding.

When you can play a part in developing great pitchers and even better human beings that’s what makes the emotional roller coaster ride of coaching worth it.

I am opening an Pitching Confidence Crisis Email Hotline for Coaches, Parents and Pitchers.

If you have any questions, fears, doubts or success stories I would love to hear them and help in any way I can.

I never want to stop learning and growing as a coach and parent.

Hopefully that’s what you want to do to.

If you or someone you know is having a Pitching Confidence Crisis there is help.

To get FREE help click here. Pitching Confidence Crisis Email Hotline.


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