Do you have a Pitcher’s CMA?

It’s a secret code that is found in the most successful Pitchers.

The 3 Secret Characteristics of Great Pitchers

  1. Commitment
  2. Mindset
  3. Action Plan


Most great pitchers have mastered the T.M.E. Principle.

They understand how much Time, Money and Energy they need to spend to become a great pitcher.

Without the commitment of Time, Money and Energy you will never reach your maximum potential.

Secret : Don’t spend the “M.” until you are committed to “T” and “E”.


I didn’t have a Major League Mindset when I played in the Phillies Minor League system. I believe it was the biggest reason my career ended the way it did.

To develop a Major League Mindset you have to focus on 3 keys aspects of your commitment.

  • Motivation.  Why do you want to be a pitcher?
  • Desire.  What do you want to accomplish as a pitcher?
  • Belief System.  How do you build the Faith, Trust and Confidence in yourself to be a great pitcher?

I wish I would have spent more time on these 3 key aspects.  Instead of trying to things the hard way(often the wrong way), I should have taken a Test,Track and Tweak approach and then I would have been more open to trying to learn and master new skills and pitches.

Secret: I can’t emphasize enough the importance of developing a Major League Mindset.

Action Plan

There are 5 critical pieces to every successful action plan.

  1. The “PMVC” Principle.  Everything you do should be about Pitch Velocity, Movement and Command.
  2. Pitching Mechanics.  Developing repeatable Power Pitching Mechanics.
  3. Strength and Conditioning.  Pitcher specific Preseason, In season and Off-season workouts.
  4. Pitches and Practice Routines.  Master 2 or 3 pitches and highly focused bullpen training sessions.
  5. Game Day Preparation.  Developing a Pre-Game Routine, In Game Routine and Post Game Routine.

Secret:  Without a plan, there is not action.  And failure will soon follow.

Your DNA can’t get you to the Major Leagues, but Your CMA can.

Are You Committed?

Do You have a Major League Mindset?

What’s Your Action Plan?

This Off-Season focus on Your CMA.

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