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What is Pitching?

If you had to describe Professional Pitchers  in 10 words or less what would you say?

Here is my 10 Words.

Repeatable Power Mechanics Focused on Unpredictable Aggressive Pitches for strikes.

Now the Million Dollar Question is…

How do we get there?

7 Things Every Pitcher Needs

  1. Repeatable Powerful Pitching Mechanics.  Without them it is almost impossible to have any consistency.  They set the foundation for everything that happens on the pitching mound. Your mechanics are the beginning of every pitch you throw.  Get this right and everything gets a lot easier from there.
  2. Focused Strength and Conditioning Program.  Pitching is a dynamic powerful athletic position.  Pitchers need to be Powerful Athletes.  Most Professional Pitchers are great athletes and would excel in various sports.  Don’t be afraid to train aggressively.  Don’t let the fear mongers scare you from being a power athlete.  With the proper training you can use every training tool available to make yourself a powerful strong pitcher.
  3. Pitcher Specific Throwing Program.  Dedicated Pre-Season and In Season Throwing Program.  You need to track and chart every  pitch you throw.  That means every bullpen and every pitch you throw in a game.  Building Confidence in your pitches comes from trusting your practice enough to throw it in a game.   It’s Not a REAL Pitch Until You can throw it in a Real Game.
  4. Pre-Game Routine.   What you do to prepare for game day plays an important role in your success for that game.  Pitching is nothing more than a dedicated set of routines.  The more you master them the better you will be.  Getting proper rest and nutrition are critical to your success.  Preparing both mentally and physically by studying  scouting reports and/or film is important.  Preparing a pitching plan for every team you pitch against is important.   Using Visualization extremely important.  What you do in the pre-game bullpen is important.  I hope you are starting to get the point, your pre-game routine is important for Building Confidence.
  5. Pre-Pitch Routine.  Developing a pre-pitch routine that you trust is key I believe to long-term pitching success.  Create a mental and physical trigger every time you step on the mound that relaxes your mind and blocks out all distractions.  Now it’s time to put on your Game FACE.  Focus on controlled breathing.  Aggressive pitches in the strike zone.  Commit to the Pitch.  Execute the Pitch.  Now just React and Repeat.  A confident Pre-Pitch Routine keeps you focused and into the game.  No Choking Here.
  6. Post Game Routine and Evaluation.  Your post game exercises and workouts will be critical to how fast you recover.  Doing targeted exercises and some light running will speed up the recovery process.  Every aspect of your pitching performance good or bad needs to be evaluated.  If the best pitchers in the world are constantly looking for little adjustments they can make to get even better don’t you think you should too.
  7. Mental Toughness.  Everything you do should be to develop your Mental Toughness.  Mental Toughness is more than an attitude.  Mental Toughness comes from being a student of pitching.  Mental Toughness comes from great practice habits.  Mental Toughness comes from trusting your preparation and routines. Mental Toughness comes from how you handle winning and losing.  Mental Toughness comes from confidence, poise and composure.  You can’t fake it. Mental Toughness can make you or break you.  So Don’t Freak Out Now.

So how many of the 7 things do you have?

What would you add?  Did I miss anything?

What 10 Words describe Your Pitching?


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