7 Simple Truths Every Pitcher Needs to Know

Confidence concept.

1. Every Major League Pitcher is different.  And so are you!  Every Major League pitcher has their own pitching philosophy and secrets to their pitching success.  They’re serious about the about being one of the best 300+ pitchers in the world and they’re NOT going to tell you how they do it.

2.  You can’t ignore your biggest weakness.   You will make as far as your biggest weakness will take you.  The best pitchers have a plan to identify their biggest weakness and create a daily plan to turn it into a strength.

3.  Model don’t Mimic.  Elite pitchers learn skills and techniques from the right coaches and then uses those skills to develop a personal pitching plan that’s uniquely their own.  There are no copycat Major League Pitchers with long careers.

4.  Be the best athlete you can be.  Pitching at the highest levels takes being in great shape, eating right and developing healthy sleeping habits.  Being a great athlete don’t make you a great pitcher, but to be a great pitcher you need to be as dynamic, powerful and explosive of an athlete as you can physically be.

5.  See, Feel and Execute great pitches.  You can’t leave your pitches up to chance.  Wishful thinking, wild guess and blind hope is not a pitching game plan.  To throw quality Major League pitches you need to see the pitch in your mind, feel the pitch in your finger tips and execute the pitch with supreme confidence.

6.  Deep Self-Awareness and Self-Confidence.  You have to know what kind of pitcher you are.  Knowing what they can control, who they can trust and confidence in their unique pitching skills is what separates the best Major League pitchers from every other pitcher in the world.

7.  Take positive actions daily to be an elite pitcher.  Becoming an one-of-a-kind pitcher that college coaches and pro scouts dream about takes intentional and focused specific actions.  Nobody gets to the Major Leagues without taking massive action.

Your Expectations, Energy, Effort and Experience will be your daily guide to reaching your max potential.  The more focused you are the faster you will see personal improvement.  

The choice is yours.


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