1. Underestimate the T.I.M.E. it takes. (Talent, Intent, Mindset, Expectations)
  2. Overwhelmed by not knowing where to start.
  3. Lack of Commitment or Consistency or Confidence or all 3.
  4. Not knowing what they need emotionally, mentally or physically.
  5. Fear of Failure
  6. Don’t know who to trust.
  7. Lack of support or belief system.

Does any of them sound familiar to You?

Don’t worry you are not alone.  I promise you every Major League pitcher started where you are right now.

They have doubts and fears just like you.

I never thought about playing professional baseball until I was 16 years old.

I played for fun and to win.  I hated to lose at anything and I mean anything.

What about you?

Are you Committed to playing Professional baseball?

Are You Consistently working on getting better?

Do you believe in Yourself?

That’s where I started.

If you are serious about playing Professional Baseball tell someone.

Take ownership of that commitment and then get to work.

If you don’t have someone to tell, then tell me right here Ask Me Anything

If Your mind believes it…Your body can achieve it.

It starts with you.

Right Now!  What are you waiting for?


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