Thermometer - Confidence Level

At some point every pitcher has a confidence crisis.

The key is not to get stuck in negative thought patterns.

The 5 Reasons Pitchers Struggle with Confidence.

  1. Lack of Communication.  Communication comes in several forms, how we learn, how we listen and more importantly what we take action on.  If you’re struggling with your confidence start with you.  99% of the time it’s a lack of communication that has you doubting what you can or can’t control.  Most of the time the answer is looking back at you in the mirror.  Are you focused on what you can control?
  2. Lack of Character.  Are you self sabotaging your confidence?  Are you constantly finding yourself surrounded by people, places and things that cause negative thoughts and actions.  Some of our best friends can be our worst critics. They might mean well, but the damage they cause mentally and emotionally can unknowingly cause serious confidence issues.  Make sure you surround yourself with people who tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.
  3. Lack of Commitment.  What’s your true, deepest desire?  What’s the highest level you really want to pitch at?  How much Education, Energy, Effort and Experience do you need to reach that highest level?  Most pitchers say they want it, but their actions say something totally different.  Quit talking and start doing.
  4. Lack of Consistency.  How determined are you to get better everyday?  Commitment is about desire.  Consistency is about taking action.  Consistency comes from having a plan and consistently taking daily action steps to get better at getting better.  Becoming an elite pitcher takes years of continuing to learn and grow.  By breaking those years down into daily actions steps it will be easier to develop the daily habits that leads to long-term success.
  5. Lack of Competitiveness.  Believe it or not competitiveness is a huge issue.  When pitching comes easy or you’re pitching against weak competition you love pitching.  But when the competition gets better you don’t want to pitch anymore.  Competitiveness is not just about winning and losing.  Competitiveness is about how you prepare, practice and pitch under extreme pressure in the biggest games.  Do you make your teammates and coaches better.  The best pitchers in the world don’t care about winning, they hate to lose. What about you?

Confidence plays such a big role in a pitcher’s short-term and long-term success.

But the truth is…

You Can’t Always Believe What You Think!

Your thoughts and feelings will sometimes make you think or feel that you’re not good enough.

Every pitcher goes through those periods.

But the great news is you can conquer those negative thoughts by focusing on what you control.

Confidence is learned behavior that needs to intentionally practiced daily.

It can sometimes feel overwhelming and that you can’t control your thoughts and emotions while on the mound.

But with focused, intentional practice habits and routines you can build confidence in yourself, your coaches and your teammates.

And that my friend is what Baseball and Pitching is truly all about.

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