Cable Confusion

Is TMI (Too Much Information) ruining your pitchers?

This time of the year can often make or break a pitcher’s whole season.

Young pitchers can often feel out of sync and lost while trying to get their velocity and command back.

5 Preseason Tips For Young Pitchers To Keep It Simple.

  1. Get in shape.  Sounds simple enough but often times pitchers try doing too much too early and it leads to legs injuries or arm injuries.
  2. Play catch with your pitch grips.  I am always amazed at how many pitchers can’t get comfortable with certain pitch grips.  Playing catch is a great way to get your pitch grip feel back.
  3. Throw focused bullpens.  Make sure you start off every bullpen with a plan and a purpose. Never throw just to be throwing.  Practice time is precious for pitchers. Take full advantage of yours.
  4. Find Your Fastball first.  Before focusing on the command of your other pitches make sure you are throwing 65% strikes with your fastball.  It is and will be your most important pitch.
  5. Have Fun.  I don’t care at what level you play at you got to have fun.  Spring Training can be boring and practice can seem to drag on, but in baseball how you practice is how you will play.  Have fun, focused practices and you will have fun winning games.

There is nothing more paralyzing for a young pitcher than trying to do too much too soon.

Take your time.  Pitch with a purpose.  Keep it simple.  Have Fun.

Need a preseason plan?  Your Next Pitch is a great place to start.

Baseball season is just around the corner.  Make this season your best ever.


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