Here is a Bonus 4 Week Pitcher Pre-Season Throwing Program for High School Coaches and Pitchers.

100’s of Coaches and Pitchers have requested a condensed version of my 8 Week Pre-Season Throwing Program.

So Now You will get…

  • 4 Week Pre-Season Throwing Program
  • 8 Week Pre-Season Throwing Program and Weekly In Season Throwing Program

If you want the program just subscribe below.

After you confirm your subscription you will receive an email with the a link to download the 4 Week and the 8 Week throwing program. (It is a MS word document download)

If you are a current subscriber to Pitching and want the 4 Week or 8 Week Program use the Contact DC and I will gladly email it to you.

Good Luck and Feel Free to Tweak it all you want.


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