If you want to be a Professional Baseball Pitcher you must have 3 things?

  1. Talent
  2. Pitches
  3. Intangibles

Do you have talent?

Talent can be evaluated in several ways but most coaches and scouts are looking for athletic ability and physical skills when referring to talent.

This might be one of the biggest myths about pitchers.  There are some naturally gifted athletes with some genetic advantages, but physical talent will only get you so far.

Don’t get me wrong you must have some athletic ability to play professional baseball. You must be able to move quickly through your pitching motion.

But with today’s training methods available to most athletes if you are committed to working out on a consistent basis you can overcome a lot of physical limitations.

Physical talent gets College Coaches and Pro Scouts attention, but it only matters if you can use it to throw nasty pitches for strikes.

Do you throw Nasty Pitches?

You will need 2-4 nasty pitches.  Every pitcher needs a moving Fastball and Change up.  If you add a nasty curveball or slider it will only help.

Pro Scouts evaluate pitches based on 3 things, Pitch Velocity, Movement and Command.

If you can throw a fastball, change-up and curve/slider consistently for strikes you will get College Coach’s and Pro Scout’s attention.

Throwing effective pitches comes from the grip and wrist and forearm angle.  Combine that with repeatable pitching mechanics and you will find yourself throwing more consistent strikes.

You must be able to throw a pitch consistently 65 to 70% of the time for strikes before most Pro Scouts will consider it an effective pitch.

Do you have the Intangibles?

What is intangibles?  You hear Coaches and Scouts talk about them all the time, yet few pitchers understand what they mean.

This is what I specialize teaching in my private coaching program with pitchers and coaches.

Here is how I define them.

Intangibles is having a deep emotional and mental understanding of what it takes physically to be an elite pitcher.

I break them down into the 4 C’s.

  • Commitment. Are you committed to being a great pitcher and to being a great teammate.
  • Consistency.  Are you consistent in everything you do?  Workouts, attitude, grades, pitching.
  • Confidence.  Are you confident in your ability to get hitters out and help your team win.
  • Character.  Do you have good character?  Coaches and Pro Scouts don’t want arrogant or selfish pitchers who will embarrass the team.

They are not a natural talent or ability like most think.

The Intangibles must be taught, practiced and learned.

The intangibles make up the emotional and mental side of pitching and without them you will never make it in Professional baseball.

If you want to be a college or professional pitcher then it starts with Talent, Pitches and the Intangibles.

Does your current pitching plan focus on them?   

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