3 Reasons Pitching Mechanics Drills and Pitch Grips is Ruining Pitchers

  1. Pitching Mechanics is a learned, practiced and mastered motor skill.  But yet I spend more time trying to get pitchers to quit trying to be perfect and to quit thinking about their mechanics while they’re pitching in a real game.  It is meant to be like learning to tie your shoes, practice it until it becomes second nature to you.  But keep it in practice, you can’t worry about your mechanics while pitching in a real game.
  2. Parents think it is the magic formula to pitching.  Wrong!  Pitching Mechanics and Pitch Grips are a fundamental aspect of pitching you need to learn and develop a feel for.  But you can have great mechanics and have great pitch grips and be a terrible pitcher.  Pitching takes mental, emotional and physical skills, and all three have to be intentionally practiced.
  3. Too Many Gurus.  Everybody and their brother has a pitching mechanics training system.  Each one is the best and the secret to throwing 90+.  Every pitcher is different.  Every pitcher has mechanical flaws.  Every pitcher needs to understand the fundamentals of pitching mechanics and pitch grips. Pick one guru and stick with them.  Information overload is killing these young pitchers. Plus parents keep changing coaches or gurus and the young pitcher don’t know who to believe.  Find someone you trust and stick with them.

Pitching Mechanics and Pitch Grips are important fundamentals to learn and practice.  But they do not make you a pitcher.

Pitching takes emotional preparation, mental visualization and physical implementation of all the pitching skills it takes to get hitters out under extreme pressure in a real baseball game.

All at the same time.

So please make sure you are learning and practicing all aspects of pitching.

The Mental, The Emotional and the Physical.

Because once you learn to sync all three aspects together I promise you will it will change the way you look and feel about pitching forever.


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