This area is dangerous

Are You Guilty of Falling for any these Pitching Training Myths?

  • Extreme Long Toss
  • Long Distance Conditioning
  • Mental Gimmicks and Tricks

Let’s break them down one by one.

Today it’s…

Extreme Long Toss.

This one absolutely amazes me.

The question I ask every pitcher or coach is why?

I usually get, it adds velocity or it’s great for conditioning.

Then the question I ask is How?

In 20+ years of coaching I have never had a single pitcher or coach that could scientifically prove or explain to me how long toss increases velocity.

But there are studies proving that long toss over 180 ft actually adds stress to the arm and could decrease velocity and increase odds of injury.

Brent at Top did an interesting article in Baseball America about this subject. Check it out here.

I have never had a single pitcher add one mph to their fastball by playing extreme long toss.

I like to use it up to 120 feet in a preseason throwing program as part of an overall conditioning plan, but it honestly adds little value outside of that.

I personally don’t care if you want to long toss…

but I think there is a hundred other things you could be doing that actually does help increase pitching velocity.

And with so many people freaking out about arm injuries it is unbelievable that a lot of these same people advocate such an arm stressing throwing activity as extreme long toss.

Here is the truth.

If every pitcher in the world quit extreme long tossing today none of the 7 Billion people on earth would notice a single difference, including the pitchers themselves.

The Pitcher’s Mound is 60′ 6″ from home plate, let’s work on mastering that first.

So I will make it easy for you…quit wasting your time.


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